Wayfinding Solution That Fits In Your Pocket

Wayfinding Solution That Fits In Your Pocket

Jun 12th, 2014 by Mark at PocketMaps
  • Folding Maps
  • City Wayfinding

Before GPS, travelers relied on maps and compasses to find their way through uncharted land or sea. Ancient maps were works of art, designed with the most expensive ink and decoration by the most talented scribes.

Maps provide a detailed layout of the area with symbols to help orient you to nearby surroundings. With street signs and landmarks, maps make it fun and easy to explore a new city or get to that meeting on time.

z-fold map

The art of wayfinding still exists in the modern era. Foldable, pocket-sized maps make great giveaways, even those who prefer to use their smartphones to get directions. A map that fits in your pocket is never subject to cellular disturbance or "dead zones," The right design can make a map a cute accessory.

How do you want your customers to find you? Handheld maps add a personalized touch that you can give to your clients during meetings and at conferences. It's a folding business card with an invitation to reconnect in the future.

Do you want your map to resemble a treasure map? Like the scribes of old, map making can be an art. Our staff believes in great design and intelligent strategies, and we work with you to achieve your goals.

Do you want a map with clean, crisp lines and vivid colors? We can do that, too. We can do that. Contact us online today or give us a call at + 1 404 442-4868 and let's connect.