Eureka! I Found the People Who Make Those Foldable Conference Maps!

Eureka! I Found the People Who Make Those Foldable Conference Maps!

May 29th, 2014 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Eureka! You found us, and we are ready to make your conference maps!

We do it, and we are here to help you make the right choice so that your conference attendees can find their way from venue to venue, around the city, and more. We can map campuses, buildings, cities, restaurant locations - and more. We will work with you to decide what is best for your event and your attendees.

At Pocket Maps, we have a great selection of customized maps to make it easy for your attendees to find their way around the city, the area, whatever! After all, you want your attendees to maximize their time in your sessions and not get lost wandering around in unfamiliar places.

We will custom design maps that add to the appeal of your event. Here is just a sampling of the products available:

Expandable Credit Card Sized Maps Grab & Go Guides Go Mobile - An online version available from any web-capable device Standard Maps of Multiples Shapes and Sizes Laminated and Water Proofed Maps Dispensing Boxes and Displays

Services include

Free consulting on the best design and map for your event Prepress and design Customized graphics Customized displays and dispensers Free samples We send proofs of all orders Trade and volume discounts.

We will build plenty of room for customized advertising and work with your marketing people to turn your map into a pocket-sized promotional piece.

Call us at + 1 800-304-9890 ext one or contact us on our website to get your free quote today.