A Guide to Our Compact Printing Sizes and terms

A Guide to Our Compact Printing Sizes and terms

Mar 8th, 2019 by Mark at PocketMaps
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Pocket-sized Maps and Guides

Our services here at PocketMaps can sometimes be intimidating for new people due to the folded and unfolded sizes of some map printing and folding terms that we utilize in our business. To understand our products and what we do, here's a quick guide of some standard size terms you might see or hear around our office to make your 100% custom maps, guides, and brochures—ordering a more straightforward process.

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Our pocket-sized maps are designed with the numbers of rows and columns in mind for folding up and out. You can create a map with one, two, or three rows, starting with a minimum of 3 columns and working to as many as 12 columns (8 columns for our jumbo size map).

Pocket Maps grid of rows and columns.

Our pocket maps fold down to four standard sizes: credit card, pocket, phone, and jumbo size, described below:

Pocket Maps four cover size options


The credit card size folds down to 2.126 inches x 3.347 inches (54mm x 85 mm), making it the perfect fit for most wallets and means that you'll have easy access when needed! This is an ideal form factor for maps such as bike trails or emergency plans/procedures printed on paper because they can easily be carried. The most popular sizes for the credit card format are 6 x 3, 8 x 3, and 12 x 3. It is packing a punch of information into its small compact fold.


The Pocket-size folds down to 4.25 inches x 3.07 inches (108mm x 78mm), which is a little bit larger than the credit card size and a little smaller than a passport, although it gives more surface area for designing your map both on the cover and design canvas when unfolded. Since the pocket size is a little bigger than the credit card size, holds more information, and is easy to fold up conveniently, it has become one of our best-selling formats. The most popular sizes for this cover size is the 6 x 1, 6 x 2, 6 x 3 and 8 x 3 format. We include all these sizes in the complimentary sample packs we send out on request.


The phone size pocket map folds down to 2.54 x 4.55 inches (64.52mm x 115.57mm) is the perfect balance of functionality and portability. It's not too big, so you can still fit it in your back or front pockets with ease. A size that feels right in anyone's hand, often used for transit system maps like bus and light rail. We also see a lot of museums in this format. The most popular size for this cover size is 8 x 3 and 10 x 3.


The Jumbo sizes are the largest standard size we produce. It folds down to a cover size of 5.74 inches x 4.21 inches, which is comparable to a small booklet or brochure/leaflet. This size is perfect for creating something more prominent than a pocket or credit card edition. Good examples include media cards, larger park maps, fantastic health and safety handbooks, and instructional guides. Often clients from attractions, zoos, museums, theatres, festivals, or other destinations need to print and mail a fold-out poster or large map. The jumbo size makes a perfect self-mailer or other marketing collateral. The most popular formats for the jumbo card format are 6 x 1, 6 x 3, and 8 x 3.

An engaging and immersive experience unfolding.

man unfolding map

Beverage companies frequently design a bottle collar/hanger for the bottleneck in their in-store advertising. Agencies and publishers regularly insert their magazines.

In conclusion, you don't have to worry too much about using these terms yourself if you want to describe a project to us. These terms help our staff build your map the way you need it to be, so don't be afraid to meet with us!

We also provide Sample Packs that include different styles and folding formats from past orders. Request your sample pack here.

For more map tips and advice or to schedule a consultation, please reach out and contact us.